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Quick summary for Sig Romeo 5 Red Dot Sight

Functionality 5/5
Ease of Use 5/5
Looks 4/5
Durability 4.8/5
Value 5/5


  • High quality
  • Motion Activated feature
  • Affordable
  • Very Durable


  • No reticle options

In a gunfight, split seconds could spell the difference between life and death. I used to be in a home defense situation where I woke up in middle of the night, fumbled with my iron sights, and missed the crucial shot. Luckily the intruder ran away. But I could have lost my life and my loved ones if the intruder was armed.

Since then, I’ve bought and tried many red dot sights to improve my precision and speed. Some dots were blurry and cheap, while some are super durable but expensive. It’s rare to find the best of both worlds, yet one red dot stands out particularly in my growing collection. And that prompted me to write a Sig Romeo 5 review.

Why get a red dot sight?

Equipping a red dot sight is my favorite tactics to reduce my target acquisition speed. It simplifies my aiming process.

For iron sights, you align your target, front sight, and the rear sights together before making a shot (3 things to align). On the other hand, for red dots, you only need to align your target with the dot (2 things to align).

Your head position (parallax) issue is also solved, as most red dot sights are parallax-free due to its nature.

During mission critical environment, you want to constantly scan the perimeters. When you detect threats, with iron sights you need to shift your focus back to your front sight and aim. These constant shifts of focus will tire your eyes and mind. With red dot sights, you can solely focus on your targets.

And if you happen to have cross dominant issues like me, I’m right-handed and left-eye dominant, red dot sights might serve you well as you aim with both eyes open. An easy bypass to the cross dominant training.

Since unnecessary movements/processes are cut down by red dot sights. That should improves our shots. But here are some data to back it up. A study done by Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics concluded that accuracy is boosted with red dot sights.

If you care about speed, accuracy and not too much about long range, red dot sight is an interesting option.


Key Features of the Sig Sauer Romeo 5

  • 2 MOA dot is small enough for precision work (Aim small, miss small). 2 MOA dot is also big enough for fast target acquisition.
  • 10 brightness settings with 2 levels night vision compatible makes the red dot adjustable with various environment. This feature also saves battery life.
  • Motion activated feature makes the red dot easy to use. You don’t have to worry about turning it on/off during everyday use or emergency situations.
  • +40,000 battery life translates to 4 and a half years of battery life. This is better than many red dots in its price range.
  • Highly durable, the Sig Romeo 5 can endure a submersion test, a shotgun test, a freezer test and a drop test.
  • Affordable pricing makes this a value pick.
  • 5 years warranty on electronics and lifetime warranty on the rest


Functionality : 5/5

The Sig Sauer Romeo 5 doesn’t have much features other than the basic ones. But it performs well on those basic features.

2 MOA Dot

2 MOA is small enough to maintain precision. For example at 50 yards, a 2 MOA dot translates to about a 1 inch dot, while an average human heart is approximately 5×3.5 inches (LxW).

From my experience, a 2 MOA isn’t too small nor hard to find. But if you prefer bigger dots for faster target acquisition or handgun’s longer eye relief, this Sig Romeo 5’s 2 MOA dot isn’t for you.

Perfectly Round Dot

The Sig Romeo 5’ projects a perfectly round dot on its sight.

However if you happen to have astigmatism like me, the dot could appear as “blurry” or “a starburst”, hampering your precision. This is a normal symptom for every red dot sights, even high end ones. In bad cases, imagine seeing a red blotch or 2 dots on your sight.

I have 2 tips to battle this astigmatism issue. First is to use other optics, such as a 1-4x scope, and avoid red dot sights altogether. Second is to pick a small MOA red dot sight (1-2 MOA). since the original dot is small enough, the blurry dot didn’t obstruct much of my view, and I can use it normally.

Note that some lower end manufacturers put the blame of their blurry red dots on astigmatism. Higher priced red dots manufacturers do try to minimize these effects.

10 Brightness settings

Sig Romeo 5 has 10 brightness settings, 8 of which are for normal uses and 2 are night vision compatible.

The fact that it has quite a large selection of brightness is a good thing as you can adjust easily to the background. I used to had a not-so-adjustable red dot. In a prolonged use of too bright dot settings, your eyes will get tired easily and you will have to strain to observe your surroundings. Not a pleasant experience.

At level 6-7, the dot is crisp and clear in broad daylight. In snowy/bright background, level 8-10 brightness would do the job.

The 2 night vision settings are invisible to the naked eye and can be seen only by night vision device. This could be a very tacti-cool feature if you also have night vision optics.


Ease of Use : 5/5

Motion Activated feature

Are you the kind of person that never turn off your smartphones, PCs and TVs? If yes, then you’re going to love this feature.

With standby mode, the Sig Romeo 5 uses its Motion Sensing Technology (MOTAC) to auto turn on/off. The motion sensor works as advertised. When picked up, the red dot is on. If the red dot detects no motion for 2 minutes, it’s turned off.

The feature makes the red dot so easy to use that I sometimes forget where the on/off button is. And it is also a battery saver despite the red dots already long battery life.

In a moving car, manual switch off is needed to disable the auto on/off feature.


The Sig Romeo 5 comes with rail interface for easy mounting on both Picatinny and Weaver rails. A mount riser for AR co-witness is also included so you can spend less time shopping and more time shooting.


Turrets are not finger adjustable. But a screwdriver or a flathead is not needed as turret caps are designed to serve as keys to adjust the turrets.

This is not as easy-to-use as finger adjustable turrets, but they are also less likely to be adjusted accidentally.


Looks : 4/5

Unfortunately, the Sig Romeo 5 doesn’t have that super-tacticool look of an Trijicon or an Aimpoint. Sig Romeo 5’s design is very similar to that of Chinese manufactured Primary Arms and Holosun red dot sights.

Lightweight(5.1oz) and compact, the red dot is easy to carry around as it would not throw your firearm off-balance. This is a good trait because you’re not going to stationary or have a bipod with this setup. You’re going to move fast and scan your perimeter constantly.and your target acquisition speed will not be affected by it.


Durability : 4.8/5

A torture test on the Sig Romeo 5

In case you don’t have the time to watch the video, the Sig Sauer Romeo 5 passed a drop test, a shotgun test, a submersion test and a freezer test. It didn’t go through a bomb test like an Aimpoint, but is durable enough for normal uses.

Amazing don’t you think? Due to this torture test, many people who thought the Sig Romeo 5 is just a discounted Primary Arms red dot changed their minds.

This red dot can hold zero on any firearms, be it handguns, shotguns or high-powered rifles, as long as it is mounted properly. And it’s battery can last for +40,000 hours (4 years and a half) on medium power settings. A generous time as you’ll see many red dots in the same price point offering about +20,000 hours for of battery life.

Warranty is 5 years on electronics and lifetime on the rest. In my opinion you’re quite unlikely to use the warranty due to the Sig Sauer’s durability, but it’s good to have due to increased price if you want to sell it second-handed.

As a comparison, some red dots have 1-3 years warranty, while Aimpoint offers 10 years warranty for civilian use and 2 years for military use. There are also lifetime warranty red dots, but those are mostly lesser-known manufacturers.


Value : 5/5

With its low price and high quality, the Sig Romeo 5 does offer amazing value in my opinion. It does lack cool features like reticle color options and 65 MOA circle reticle. But I’m okay to live with that if the Sig Romeo 5 is this affordable.


Some other opinions on the internet

Ok, just like you, I prefer reading lots of opinion before investing in a product, So I scoured the internet and find some for you regarding the Sig Sauer Romeo 5.


My verdict on the Sig Sauer Romeo 5

The Sig Sauer Romeo 5 gives a clear and bright dot. Motion activated sensors make the red dot easy to use and save battery life. It’s durable, and pricing makes sense. What it lacks is reticle options, such as differing colours and patterns.

Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
✓ High quality ✗ Not much reticle options
✓ Motion Activated feature
✓ Affordable
✓ Very Durable
Gungoal's Rating

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Alternate Red Dots

1. Holosun HS503C Circle Dot Sight

The Holosun is a bit smaller and lighter (4.2oz). Its reticle can switch between red dot and red dot with a circle.

Holosun offers 3 years warranty for the LED system and 5 years for the glass. This red dot sight is slightly higher priced than the Sig Romeo 5 at the time of this writing.

  • Lighter and more compact
  • Red-dot and red-dot-with-circle reticle
  • Less warranty than Sig Sauer Romeo 5
  • Higher priced
  • Less durable
  • No Motion Activated feature


2. AT3 LEOS Red Dot Sight with Integrated Laser & Riser

This AT3 LEOS red dot sight is cheaper than Sig Romeo 5. The 2 MOA dot is clear and bright. It comes with built-in laser sight which can project a dot out onto the target.

Riser mount provided is designed for ⅓ co-witness with iron sights. Elevation and windage adjustments are finger adjustable.

The red dot is quite heavy (8.3 oz) for red dot sights and is not night vision compatible.

It is also less durable and has higher number of defects. AT3 fixes this by offering a lifetime warranty on the product. Their customer service are attentive and good, however the lifetime part remains to be proven.

  • Built in integrated laser
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Heavier
  • Less durable
  • Higher chance of defects
  • Lower price
  • No Motion Activated feature

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