Trijicon AccuPower Review

Greetings. Wondering if Trijicon AccuPower is the right scope for you? Today we’ll be reviewing the Trijicon Accupower to see if the scope is worth any of your money.

Is the scope truly 1x? And Is it good enough for CQB? What are the pros and cons of this scope? And most importantly, should you use it? Let’s find out in this Trijicon Accupower Review.

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The Trijicon brand

Trijicon, founded in 1981, is a leading American business which manufactures and distributes optic devices for firearms.

Being known for their quality and reliability, Trijicon is a supplier to the U.S. military since 1985. Their products were used in major military operations, such as the “Operation Just Cause” and “Operation Desert Storm”.

Even though they outsourced some of their manufacturing to Japan, including this Trijicon Accupower, designing and customer service are still done in the United States. So by buying a Trijicon, you will still be supporting an American business and economy.



Based on magnification power and objective lens diameter, the Trijicon Accupower is available in 5 different models :

(Numbers in front indicate magnification. 3-9x = 3-9 times magnification. Numbers in the back are objective lens diameter in millimeter. 40 = 40mm objective lens diameter.)

I’ll be reviewing the 1-4x24mm as it is one of the most versatile and popular version of the Trijicon Accupower.

That said, if you need information on other models, click on it to see reviews from Amazon buyers.


What rifle/ammunition can the Trijicon AccuPower handle?

Rugged and well-made, the Trijicon Accupower can withstand heavy recoil. Other than rifles, you can also put the scope on muzzleloaders, slug guns and pistols as the scope is designed for 3 gun action.


Tech Specs

Length (Inch) 10.2
Weight (oz) 16.2
Tube Diameter (mm) 30
Tube Material 6061-T6, black hard coat anodized
Magnification 1-4x
Objective Diameter (Inch) 1.2
Eyepiece Diameter (Inch) 1.7
Linear FOV (ft/100 yd) – Low 97.5
Linear FOV (ft/100 yd) – High 24.2
Field of View (Degrees) 18.0° – 4.6°
Reticle Pattern Duplex
.223/55gr BDC Segmented-Circle/Dot 
Reticle Color Red
Reticle illuminated Yes
Reticle Focal Plane Second
Illumination Source 1 CR2032 Lithium Battery
Battery Life 31 hours at max brightness
Eye Relief (in) – Constant 3.5″
Finger Adjustable Turrets Yes
Turrets Resettable to Zero Yes
Zero Stop No
Adjustment Type click
Adjustment Click Value 1/4 MOA
Elevation Adjustment Range (MOA) 100 MOA Total Travel
29.6 MIL Total Travel
Windage Adjustment Range (MOA) 100 MOA Total Travel
29.6 MIL Total Travel
Fast Focus Eye Piece Yes
Waterproof 10 ft. (3m.)
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty
(5y for electronics)


Mounting the scope

The scope has 30mm tube diameter. So make sure you get 30mm rings of appropriate height and matching base type. It’s also a good idea to use QD mount so that you can easily adjust it in 3 gun competition.

A quick note : Investing in decent rings and mounts will save you time and money. Scopes will last longer and you will waste less time zeroing them year after year.

Also, as a rule of thumb for ring height, choose the lowest height that doesn’t obstruct other parts of your rifle for maximum accuracy.

If you are not sure which mount to use, try American Defense QD mount for fluid 3 gun action.


Main features

Weight & Looks

The Accupower 1-4×24 is compact (length : 10.2 inches) and not heavy (16.2 oz). That said, it seems a bit heavy for its size. Note that models with higher magnification and larger objective diameter prove much heavier. Also, compare to its cousin scope, the tritium powered Accupoint, the Accupower is heavier by about 2 ounces.

The scope has a tactical look and is suitable for running and gunning both in 3 gun competition and CQB.


Image Quality

Compare to scopes on the same price range, glass is clear and crisp edge-to-edge. Light transmission is also very good. It promises adequate vision for at least 45 minutes after sunset.

Field of view is large compared to scopes in similar price range. On lowest magnification you get 32.6 feet at 100 yards, a perfect fit for your CQB needs.



Magnification ring is smooth and easy to turn, plus there’s a throw lever attached which makes switching from CQB to long range a breeze.

People asked if the AccuPower is a true 1x. The answer is no. But it gets real close to the point that there is no practical difference. The scope can be used with both eyes open during CQB. And there’s negligible fishbowl effect.



There are 4 reticle patterns to choose from :

  • Duplex
  • MOA
  • MIL-Square
  • .223/55gr BDC Segmented-Circle/Dot 

The AccuPower’s reticles are quite slim. Not that they aren’t clear, they’re just slim. If you agree to the motto “Aim small, miss small” or you like smaller reticle that doesn’t obscure your target and field of view, this scope is a great choice for you.

If you prefer big dots and lines for reticles, however, this scope will not do.

All reticles are battery illuminated in red or green and has 11 levels of brightness. Between each brightness level is “off” position. When you want to turn it off from, say 10, you don’t have to go “10, 9, 8,…, 0”. You only dial up or down half a level and it’s turned off. This admittedly is simpler and might make the scope more durable.

Illuminated reticle is bright and clear. It is brighter than it’s tritium powered cousin, AccuPoint. However it’s not daylight bright. Under bright daylight, you can see only the black reticle, not the illuminated one. That said, you can clearly see the reticle in all light conditions.

The scope also features diopter adjustments that lets you easily focus your reticle.

This reticle uses one CR2032 Lithium battery which is very easy to find. The reticle lasts 31 hours when constantly turned on at max power. At level 6, the battery lasts more than 3 weeks.


Eye Relief

Eye relief of 3.5″ is generous.



Turrets are finger adjustable and turret caps are provided.

Clicks are tactile, audible and precise. We sighted in easily and did the box accurately. After 100 rounds, the scope is still dead on.

The windage and elevation turrets are zero resettable without the need of any tools. This makes adjusting turrets on the fly much easier.


Durability & Warranty

Trijicon has made many durable, military grade scope. The AccuPower does inherit the durability aspect.

6061-T6 Aircraft grade aluminium with anodized coating and waterproof up to 10 feet. Users have reported very satisfactory ruggedness for the AccuPower. The only thing to complain is that paint chipped away a bit too easily. But this will not have negative functionality on your scope as there are layers of anodized coating underneath.

Note : Trijicon Warranty will not cover for chipped away paint.

The AccuPower has 5 years warranty on the electronics and lifetime on the rest. Note that this is for the original owner only. Since this is longer than “Full” Lifetime Warranty on many other brands, I think it’s a good deal unless you plan to upgrade or sell your scope in the near future.



Since price varies with time and promotions, I suggest that you check the exact price here on Amazon.

If you can get the scope for $650-$750, I think it’s a high quality scope that is well worth the money. As a point of reference, it’s about 10% cheaper than the Trijicon AccuPoint which has dimmer reticle.


Scope Comparison

  • Compares to Trijicon AccuPoint, the AccuPower is cheaper, has brighter reticle but is slightly heavier and runs on battery.
  • Compares to Leupold VX-R Patrol 1.25-4×20, the AccuPower glass is better.
  • Compares to Vortex Viper PST 1-4×24, the AccuPower glass is better.
  • Compares to Steiner P4Xi 1-4×24, the Steiner features similar image quality at cheaper price and daylight bright reticle. But the steiner weighs a bit more (approximately 1oz)


My verdict on the Trijicon AccuPower 1-4×24

If you’re looking for a reliable, mid to high quality illuminated scope with close range capabilities and shooting range up to 500 yards, this is the scope for you. Other than CQB, the scope is ideal for running and gunning, 3-gun match and big game hunting.

Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
✓ Crisp and clear image ✗ Higher priced
✓ Easy to use magnification ring with throw lever ✗ Paint tend to chip away from scratch and no warranty
✓ Highly praised illuminated reticle ✗ Reticle not daylight bright
✓ Durable and 5 years electronics warranty ✗ Original Owner Warranty only


Alternate Scope

Steiner P4Xi 1-4×24

The Steiner P4Xi 1-4×24 offers similar image quality along with daylight bright illuminated reticle. It also features bigger field of view and is cheaper. The downside is that the Steiner is a bit heavier (approximately 1 ounce).

Go to Amazon to check price

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